The rail operations centre of Grand Paris Express metro lines 16 and 17 comprises 20 hectares with the following facilities:

  • A Rail Car Maintenance Depot (SMR in French)
  • A Rail Infrastructure Maintenance Depot (SMI in French)
  • A Central Control of Operations (PCC in French)


The SMR is linked to the line 16 via a underground hopper and to the line 17 via a bridge over the secondary access track to the SMI.



setec bâtiment is the leader of the TEC6CITY joint venture in charge of the project’s full design and construction management from the early schematic design to the completion of the works. The JV provided these services for different disciplines such as civil engineering, urban planning and landscape, geotechnics and hydrology, urban and landscape lightning or construction management.


In the case of setec tpi, we have undertaken the design and construction PM services for the civil engineering and urban planning and landscape of the contract.


The interfaces with the building both above and around are managed and the utilities and track infrastructures data as well integrated.

Key information


Client: Société du Grand Paris

setec group partners: setec bâtiment, terrasol, planitec btp, setec hydratec, setec énergie environnement, setec its

Other JV Partners: GROUPE-6, AVLS, Caupenne Conseil, Biotope, L’Agence Lumière, Snaik, Véra BROEZ, Urban Eco

Project’s fees: 200M€

Duration:  September 2016 – October 2025

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