Sustainable city: innovation, sobriety, new uses and durability




setec tpi provides a varied range of services related to urban spaces and landscaping, such as preliminary design, support to Project Owner or Design and Construction Project Management. Our teams are trained by highly skilled engineers with a wide experience in design and construction supervision. They work very closely with the main public project owners and other smaller local entities. 


setec tpi is a well-known and respected partner by the main project owners and contractors, thanks to our 60 years of experience, the rigour of our engineers, our methods and our ability to manage complex projects, in terms of technology, planning and organisation. 


Transverse approach


In order to face the increasing complexity of planning and development projects and the diversity of the challenges involved, setec adopts a collaborative and transverse approach with all the stakeholders. We set up multidisciplinary teams adapted to our clients’ requirements and we also provide our partners with all the technical skills that can be mobilised. This approach allows us to share a common vision of each project challenges in order not only to meet our clients’ and users’ requirements but also to be part of the development of the new uses of public spaces. 


setec tpi works on every level of the development of a territory. Our services range from master planning to the design or regeneration of smaller urban spaces (parks, neighbourhoods, …) and all the way to construction supervision. 


Main areas of expertise






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