Makeover of the access viaduct to the Tancarville Bridge

setec tpi teams are working on the reinforcement of the 400m-long RC prestressed precast beams Tancarville viaduct, which serves as access to the famous Tancarville suspension bridge, built late 50s. Next step: start of the works around summertime 2022. LinkedIn

20/12/2020 – A snapshot of the EOLE – La Défense site

The earthworks uncover the structures of the station built in 2018/2019 under the CNIT, as well as each of the galleries and emergency exits currently under construction. We still need to dig a few meters deeper before arriving to the future track slab level.

14/12/2020 – ”Design of buildings to ensure their reversibility, deconstruction and reuse, monitoring methodology and life cycle environmental assessment”

On the 8th of December 2020, Ingrid Bertin defended her PhD thesis called: Design of buildings to ensure their reversibility, deconstruction and reuse, monitoring methodology and life cycle environmental assessment.

Our employee has achieved the Doctor degree by the University Paris-Est.

The jury members of her thesis defence unanimously praised her job.

Ingrid has developed this PhD thesis as part of setec tpi’s Complex Structures team, with the continuous support of Jean-Marc Jaeger as well as that of the Navier Lab from the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.

This dissertation defense marks the end of 3 years of work. A work that describes setec’s strong determination to be part of a circular system, encouraging the paradigm shift within the construction sector.

The jury members were:

  • Internal commissioners: Pr. Farid Benboudjema ENS Paris–Saclay, LMT ; Pr. Guillaume Habert ETH Zürich
  • External commissionersExaminers: Pr. Nadia Hoyet ENSA de Versailles ; Dr. Myriam Saadé-Sbeih Université Gustave Eiffel ; Dr. Isabelle Moulin LERM
  • PhD Thesis director: Pr. Robert Le Roy ENSA Paris-Malaquais, Laboratoire Navier
  • PhD Thesis co-director: Dr. Adélaïde Feraille Laboratoire Navier
  • Associated firm’s scientific manager: Jean-Marc Jaeger, setec tpi

setec will organise an internal presentation of the thesis. Expected for spring 2021, to be confirmed.

23/11/2020 – A 3D-printed bridge in Aubervilliers

setec [setec tpi, setec LERM (Laboratoire d’Etudes et de Recherches sur les Matériaux) and setec organisation] proudly collaborate with Plaine Commune  in the innovative production of the world’s longest 3D-printed bridge.

To find out more.

4/11/2020 – A successful fire test

Modernisation of the A86 Thiais tunnels

Following more than three years of works with roads being closed for traffic average 5 nights per month, the tunnel safety works in Guy Môquet and Moulin tunnels on the A86 will be completed early 2021.

The tunnels’ smoke extraction systems require testing, therefore a 5MW fire was set (equivalent of a small car set on fire) on the night from the 2nd to the 3rd of November 2020. The results of this test confirmed the general public evacuation system as well as the intervention conditions of the emergency services.

25/09/2020 – BIM for the reduction of the carbon footprint. Discover through this video the history of Hyperion, the tallest timber tower in Europe

​​Winners of 2019’s BIM d’Or 2019, Eiffage, Viguier and setec tpi accepted the challenge and succedded​.

To find out more, Hyperion reaches for the sky

08/09/2020 – setec tpi takes action by training students on current and future climate challenges

The Ecole des Ponts ParisTech held the second edition of the « Rentrée du Climat » (Climate Back to School) on the 8th of September

Organised all around France, this event aims to massively teach university students about climate challenges by participating in a Climate Collage type of workshop. This workshop lasts 3 hours and is based on the conclusions of the last report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). With a playful and collaborative approach, it intends to raise awareness of the causes and the impacts of the current climate imbalance. Created 2 years ago, the Climate Collage has already arrived at 75 institutions and to more than 30,000 students.

Proposed by a group of alumni, the second edition of the “Climate Back to School” was organised in the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech on the 8th of September. 194 freshmen(women)-year students took part in it and Alice Blouët (Structures Engineer from setec tpi and Ponts alumni) was one of the hosts of the Collage.

A very good opportunity to make the setec group known to the Ponts students and to share our “Ingénieurs et Citoyens” (Engineers and Citizens) campaign. We will come back next year with more volunteers!

Alice’s testimony: “The Climate Collage workshop has been a success between the students, who have appreciated its playful and collaborative approach. I was impressed by their maturity and knowledge on climate and environment subjects. Several confessed to me that they want to dedicate their careers and lives to fight climate change, it is very encouraging.

The event ended with a presentation held by the “Pour un réveil écologique” association (“For an ecological awakening”). Launched by a group of students, this movement aims to make the universities a foundation of the ecological transition and for big companies to prioritise climate challenges in their business decisions. The message of this movement is as easy as: a company that doesn’t commit to ecological transition today is a company that will struggle to recruit tomorrow.

Thank you to the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech for their warm welcome and to Igor Arduin for the organisation of the event.

07/09/2020 – setec &  XXHL exhibition

setec takes part in the “XXHL: giga tours et méga ponts” exhibition that will take place between the 1st September 2020 and the 7th March 2021 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie of Paris.

The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie is the perfect spot to discover the secrets of the execution of constructions of exeptional dimensions. The setec group is glad to provide its help and know-how for this event. An occasion to get an immersive, technical and pedagogical experience where setec shares its employees’ passion and commitment. See you all there!


setec presents three bridges and four towers as part of this exhibit, such as:

  • Burj Khalifa tower (Dubai)
  • Montparnasse tower renovation project (Paris)
  • Millau viaduct
  • Akashi strait bridge (Japan)
  • Yazuv Sultan Selim bridge (Turkey)

For more details, please click here.

13/08/2020 – The Andelys Bridge  – Works Execution Design


setec tpi assists Freyssinet as the Designer of the Works Execution project for the adjustment of the suspension of the Andelys Bridge in the Department of Eure.

01/07/2020 – Latest news Paris Metro Line 14 South

Ancillary Shaft CUCHETS :

Following a one month and a half break, Allison continues its journey towards Paris. Wednesday 17th of June it has “borken into” the CUCHETS ancillary shaft, at a depth of 55m. The shifting lasts 3 weeks and the boring shall continue throughout the previously treated quarries under the Kremlin Bicêtre municipality. We get into the hard part!

Kremlin Bicêtre Hospital Station:

The works in the Kremlin Bicêtre Hospital station have achieved a significant milestone in June with the end of the earthworks, at a final depth of 30m. Peak rates of 8,200 m3/week have been obtained, thanks to the use of exceptional earthworks resources. Time now for the civil engineering works in order to get ready for the TBM Allison to arrive!

03/04/2020 – With Europengineers, setec launches a Design Sprint for the reuse of a factory’s structures

For the full communication, please check groupe setec’s website.

19/03/2020 – COVID-19 – Message for all our partners, clients and appointed contractors

For the full communication, please check groupe setec’s website.

13/02/2020 – setec tpi FM – The climate mural

setec tpi FM has met the hosts of the climate mural activity during its 3rd edition.



09/01/2020 – TBM shifting at the intersection of the Line 14 south and Line 15 south

setec’s Project Management teams from the Line 14 south and Line 15 south projects got together last January 8th at the Institute Gustave Roussy (IGR) station to witness how Alison, the Line 14 south TBM, crossed the shaft from eye to eye. This crossing comes after years of teamwork at the unique interface between these two projects and it is executed over a bridge 12m high from the platform of the Line 15 south. This bridge will ultimately form part of the platforms of the line 14 south.

A close collaboration between the different teams from the clients (SGP and RATP), contractors (Vinci) and Project Manager (setec) has made this technical challenge possible.

25/10/2019 – French National Engineering Award 2019 – EOLE station CNIT La Défense

The “Grand Prix National de L’Ingénierie (GPNI) 2019,” the French National Engineering Award, was presented on Oct. 24 to the project management team in charge of the EOLE station under the CNIT (Center of New Industries and Technologies) in Paris La Défense. The station is part of Paris’s West RER suburban line extension project (EOLE).

Winner team of the GPNI award for the design of the station under the CNIT: setec (tpi and terrasol), Arep, Antea.

setec tpi leads the project on behalf of SNCF. The preliminary design took place in 2010 and the design and construction services started in 2012. Currently, setec teams (namely, tpi and terrasol) supervise the works execution design and the site works.

CTBUH Chicago – October 2019

Council on tall buildings and urban habitat (CTBUH) –10th world congress – Chicago

Workshops: Construction, Deconstruction, Reuse of the Structural Elements for Sustainable Cities

Getting ready for what is coming…

Eco-design, reuse, recycling, value-creation, deconstruction, environmental remediation…–deconstruction-depollution-nous-organiser-pour-preparer-lavenir

Carbon footprint and BIM

Optimising the carbon footprint and the deconstruction thanks to BIM

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