From the design… to the dismantling

In order to answer to the increasing energy consumption, setec tpi supports the main entities within the nuclear sector for the execution of their projects.

Thanks to the experience and know-how gained through numerous industrial and infrastructures projects, setec tpi has provided the main entities from the nuclear world with its expertise. From the civil and mechanical engineering to the ventilation, nuclear safety, radioprotection, the accidents (seismic, explosions, flooding, …) and the fire safety design, setec tpi’s multidisciplinary teams answer to our clients’ requirements in a collaborative environment complementing one another.

This allows setec tpi to position itself in technically complex projects assisting our clients with services ranging from re-planning, new constructions or remodelling to dismantling and waste management and stockage.

Our goals

In setec tpi we provide our clients with a wide range of services mixing reactivity and proximity. Our skilled organisation is based on:

  • A strong civil engineering know-how recognised by our clients
  • A wide and strong range of expertise in fields such as mechanical engineering, safety and radioprotection, dismantling, nuclear ventilation, or fire
  • A reinforcement in our skilled engineering teams thanks to the lead by renowned referents in each of the different fields of expertise
  • A reinforced presence in the French market (Paris, Lyon, Manosque, Cherbourg) allowing us to be close to our clients

We are members

  • Gifen
  • Nuclear Valley
  • Nucleopolis by Normandie Energies

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