Making digital engineering a reality with projects of all size


« Digital transition is the key to understand and take action towards the improvement of urban developments and the strategies of the cities”


The setec group is engaged with the innovation research and development in order to face today’s urban challenges and build tomorrow’s desired and durable territories.


Digital data has become a decision-making factor in order to react to all these changes. We are convinced that the BIM, and the CIM in the larger scale, is a key to this enhancement by its principles of structuring and value-management of the project data.



The BIM has become essential in the work of our teams and we include it in all our projects.


Our experts provide solutions based on BIM from the tender stage to the operational and maintenance stage of projects. Their ability allows them to write the contractual elements of your BIM projects (specifications, scope, BIM Execution Plan, …).



setec tpi is currently at the avant-garde in terms of BIM in infrastructures and we already implement it in our highways, rail and structures projects.


This strategy, which has been developed in numerous projects, allows for a more efficient interface management from the early design stage and gets ahead of the project’s constructability issues via a detailed works phasing.


Our goal? Launch the BIM strategy before the projects’ design stage, keep it during the works execution and finally provide the Project Owner with its infrastructure’s BIM model as much reliable and detailed as possible for its exploitation requirements.






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