The BIM ecosystem alongside the project success



For more than 10 years now, setec tpi’s teams have been engaged with the BIM, with the goal of reaching higher precision and quality standards in our projects.

Over the years, setec tpi’s BIM expertise has continued increasing in order to provide our clients with the most effective skillset in our projects and to strengthen their trust in our technical BIM solutions.


Our culture of technical and digital innovation bears still today entirely this commitment.



Our BIM skills and services


Thanks to its experience and expertise in BIM management, setec tpi provides with a wide range of services compared to its competitors in the industry.


setec tpi helps you produce your BIM approach and accompanies you during the transition phase towards an integrated design process.


In operation


The operational cost of any infrastructure represents approximately the 75% of its total cost. The BIM approach in operations and maintenance can help you add value to your investments during this stage, the longest lasting one of any projects. As a pioneer in the implementation of a BIM approach that is sustainable and operational during the life of the project, setec tpi establishes its BIM process around the concept of added value and profitability objectives.

Carbon foorprint and BIM : A mainstreamed procedure with the BIM 6D


Thanks to the environmental BIM, setec tpi incorporates the carbon footprint calculations in the performance simulations of its projects and therefore targets the preservation of natural resources.

The BIM tool helps the designer and the project owner to evaluate the environmental impact of the different project alternatives from its preliminary design until the end of its operational stage and demolition.

This use of the environmental BIM allows for an evaluation and management of the projects’ carbon impact in order to propose more ethical construction solutions.

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Comet' Orléans / Charpente

Etude d’exécution 3D des interfaces structure et charpente métallique de toiture de la salle Multisports CO'Met, février 2019 (MOA : Orléans Métropole).


Nancy / Vue 3D tramway

Perspective générale d’implantation du nouveau Tramway du Grand Nancy, dossier d’offre de maîtrise d'oeuvre, mai 2019 (MOA : Communauté Urbaine du Grand Nancy).