setec tpi promotes the « Engineers & Citizens” strategy, developed by the setec group

Our employees are actively involved in this strategy both by acting constantly towards other employees’ awareness of the topic and providing innovative solutions as part of their projects’ decision making.

Our organisation

  • Internal resources’ optimisation and waste reduction (reduction of paper use) strategies
  • Commuting and transport alternatives that reduce the use of resources (preference of bicycle, reduced number of cars and choice of electric vehicles)
  • Headquarters that meet the HQE requirements and connected to public transport systems
  • Use of collaborative digital platforms in project thus avoiding doubling in project data

setec tpi’s commitment is guaranteed and we keep enhancing our methods

Our engagements

setec tpi sets up development actions that involve:

  • Low carbon methods
  • An eco-construction procedure
  • Challenges of current legislation
  • Smart optimisation tools
  • An analysis of environmental phenomena
  • Development of BIM and Data Science plug-ins

Articles & Publications

Uwarukara Footbridge 2019

Engineers from different setec group subsidiaries have built some low-tech bridges in Rwanda that save lives! A collaboration project between “Engineers & Citizens” and Bridges to Prosperity.

A challenge of “Engineers & Citizens”
Bridges for prosperity & setec

The Climate Timeline & Mural

On December 19th 2019, 25 employees, driven and full of energy, took part in setec tpi’s first “Climate Timeline & Mural” workshop. This first edition was hosted by Auriane Clostre and Xavier Gary, welcoming, engaged and skilled in the matter of global warming awareness. Once the actual timelines and murals are “built” by the different teams, a brainstorming session starts where ideas and solutions are proposed to be implemented within setec tpi.

Other workshop dates:

  • Friday January 31st 2020 in Lyon – Le Crystallin
  • Tuesday February 4th 2020 in Paris – Central Seine

To find out more, Auriane and Xavier answered to some questions in our radio setec tpi FM :

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